DNA is an international investment company that includes a portfolio of active startups from the USA, Israel, and European countries.

The DNA team already has several successful "exits"

The DNA community is a unique guide to the venture world.

Community members can invest in international startups, which include DNA VC itself.

Investment conditions for community representatives are the same as for the fund.
At the same time, DNA VC participants themselves make decisions on each startup and investments in it, thereby forming individual portfolios.

Buying shares in technology startups is an opportunity to complement and diversify classic investments in stocks, futures, metals, and other types of financial assets.

Managing Partner
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Senior Partner
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Notebook and Keyboard

The ability of team management to work in unity and synchronization is an essential part of startup success and growth.

To facilitate high performance and ongoing improvement of the team, it is essential to foster the proper mechanisms that aim to structure all communication and information flow in the team, as well as the proper codes of conduct.

The main focus of our work is in developing efficient partnership, effective and harmonic teamwork, openness, and communication within startups teams. " 


                                                        Alexander (Alex) Beilin